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I'm traveling to America later in the year. My father has prostate cancer. He's not traveling with us but I've been looking for travel insurance that would cover us in case something happened and we needed to cancel, either before hand or while away! I can only seem to find policies that only cover those traveling. Has anyone got any advice? Can you get a policy that would cover what I'm looking for? 

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    Thanks for contacting us.

    Just to make you aware we can’t recommend any financial products or services but hopefully you may find the following information helpful.

    Insurance companies use medical screening systems to assess the risk of offering insurance, but many companies use the same system, so the medical questions will often be the same. However, the premiums offered by companies using different systems can vary considerably so you should bear this in mind when shopping around.  

    If the questions asked don’t seem to fit, or don’t allow you to explain your father’s diagnosis fully, it’s worth asking the insurer if it’s possible for someone to manually underwrite the policy. This is where a person, rather than a computer looks at the health situation of the person looking for cover and decides about whether or not to offer cover and at what price. Some other insurers may do this as standard.

    It’s possible that some policies will cover cancellation due to the death, serious illness, or hospitalisation of a ‘close family relative’. The exact cover will be explained in the policy documents and it’s very important to check exactly what the policy covers, especially if there’s a family member that has cancer that may or may not be travelling too.

    Some insurance companies don’t cover cancellation due to a close relative’s illness unless it was disclosed to them and they accepted cover for the condition. It’s very important to tell the insurer about the medical conditions of anyone at the time the policy is taken out if it could affect the trip. If it isn’t declared, the likelihood is that the insurer will not pay out on any claims relating to this.

    I hope this information helps and that you’re able to get cover in place. 


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