Redundancy and going through Chemo

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I wanted some advice for a family member. My Dad had the Whipple procedure in May 2023, 8 weeks later he’s been told he need to have chemotherapy as the polyp they removed had traces of cancer although it hasn’t been found to have spread. 

my Dad is 67 and works part time. He found out that the company he works for has gone into liquidation and therefore have made everyone redundant. 

I was wondering if he could get financial help while he was going through the treatment. My Mum and Dad both get a state pension but it’s nowhere near what he was getting when being paid a normal wage. 

please could I get some advice to pass on to him. 

thank you.

  • Thanks for your question  , I’m sorry to hear your Dad has all this going on at the moment but there may be a few things we can help with. We have Welfare Rights advisors who can check for any financial support he can access (details below) and the Financial Guidance service looks at personal finances such as issues paying mortgages & debts, claiming on insurance policies, accessing pensions, will writing and other things.

    Welfare Rights Team

    As part of our Money and Work Team, we have a dedicated group of Welfare Rights Advisers. They can check state benefit entitlements and can help to access other financial support, such as one-off grants. They are also able to give advice on how any lump sums from insurance or pensions may affect means tested benefits.

    They will need to know certain information in order for them to do this, for example:

    • The date of cancer diagnosis.
    • Details of the cancer diagnosis, and/or other medical conditions and treatments.
    • Full details of any savings or investments and capital for all members of the household.
    • Details of income from earnings and other income, such as maintenance, for all members of the household.
    • Details of benefits being paid, recently applied for and/or refused, for all members of the household. If in receipt of Universal Credit, please have a breakdown to hand explaining how this has been calculated.
    • Details of mortgage/rent payments.
    • Confirmation of how much council tax is payable. Please have a copy of the bill to hand as they will need to know the local authority and the council tax band.
    • A note of fuel costs and who the household energy provider is.
    • Details of all people living in the household including their ages and date of birth.

    Once this information is to hand; call our Welfare Rights Advisers on 0808 808 0000 and request a full benefits check. They are available Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm (option 1, option 2, option 2).




    Financial Guide


    The Financial Guidance Service will not advise you on the merits of buying, selling, cancelling or making a claim on a specific financial product from any company or otherwise provide you with any regulated services. As a guidance service, we do not provide financial advice or carry on other activities that are regulated and we are not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. No part of our service constitutes, nor is intended to constitute, a financial promotion within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 nor an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity.

     The aim of the Financial Guidance Service is to provide you with information to help you make informed decisions about your personal finances. For financial advice, including recommendations to buy, sell, cancel or make a claim on specific financial products or to obtain any other type of financial services, you should speak to a financial adviser or company who is permitted to provide you with those services. You can find a local financial advice firm or other type of firm who provides regulated services on the Financial Conduct Authority's website -

     The information that we provide you is for general guidance on your rights and responsibilities and is not legal advice. We are not liable to you for any information or services obtained by you from, or given to you by, a third party.

     If you need more details on your rights, please contact a financial, legal or other appropriate professional adviser