Still cant quite believe I have won this lottery again


Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has been through this particular hell before?

I had cervical cancer, then breast cancer and over christmas was diagnosed with Uterine Sarcoma.  The PET scan also showed three hot spots in my lungs, the debate now seems to be over who gets my body to play with.  If the tumour in my lung is a secondary from the sarcoma the gynae team get me, if its a breast cancer secondary the breast team get me and if its a lung cancer the gynae and chest people get to share me.  Either way doesn't look like I get to walk away from this one.  

I know that soft tissue sarcomas are rare and aggressive, treatment always seems to be surgery first and then treat each recurrence as they pop up but I cannot think how they will treat both of these tumours at the same time especially if they are genetically different.

Added to this is the fact that I am relatively well and I keep thinking why not just ignore it and  get on with my life...... Any thoughts! Nanci