I did it!!!

Today i swam without wetsuit for 30 minutes!!! When i got in i thought i'd last five! Getting in was pretty brutal but within minutes i was loving it!! Three if us were swimming, tomorrow morning tgFlushed'll be five of us swimming along, hopefully sun in our faces, chatting. It really is the very best self care. Doesn't feel like exercise but is and gives me endorphin highs all day. On the downside dread the post op break and the arrival of jellyfish. May need to buy a thin summer wetsuit.

As for wearing a bikini top and swimming tankini pants. I can't believe i did it. I've been covering up for years due to being overweight. I felt empowered and proud. Gratitude to Laura Adlington's love yourself community on instagram. All good for fighting cancer.Blush

  • I love swimming too but am not keen on the sea near us as Southern Water chuck a lot of sewage into it, I therefore mostly swim in pools. I hope your diagnosis is such that you don’t need chemo, but if you do, I recommend you ask for a portacath to be fitted. They are inserted into your chest under the skin and accessed with a special needle each time. The standard solution of a PICC line leaves an exposed dangly wire hanging out of your arm which you have to keep dry. The portacath is waterproof once you have healed and you can swim with it. I used my desire to keep swimming to argue successfully for the portacath and it has been great. 

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    Wow thanks!!! Great advice!!! I know very little about chemo but have made a note just in case!Blush