Poo stick test

New Poop stick  test arrived in post !
It sat about for a few days , I eventually put a small poo in the little plastic container . 
It sat in the car for a couple of weeks before I posted it !! So imagine my … answer when I got rung to say I had a positive test !!! 
oh I said can I do it again it’s been in car for weeks . No she said you need further examinationsScream. So june 2021 I have a colonoscopy , 

Remember I work in nhs and worked in all the field related to all my now tests , I just took them on as though I was the nurse taking the patient to procedures. 
Yes a cancerous node was found !!! 
I watched the screen during my colonoscopy . 
Further scan then followed by a op for a left sided  Colectomy within a month ,  .To continue….