I have recently been diagnosed with a pituitary tumour which I have been referred to neurology for. I have been suffering with headaches since my little girl was born a year ago. I also started about 4 weeks ago with leakage from my breasts despite never breastfeeding. My vision is blurry and concentration levels are so low during these “episodes” of headaches. My hormone levels have been tested and luckily are fine- but I still have these really bad spells of headaches and this 7mm tumour on my pituitary gland. My GP has been fairly unsupportive and have said that they doubt this one “little thing” is the cause to my headaches but they would refer me to neurology anyway. Can anyone shed any light? I’m in so much pain, struggling to work, waiting for this referral to see what can be done regarding the tumour- but am I wasting my time hoping something will be done about it? As I’m not getting good vibes from my doctors. Please help!