Pre op assessment excitement

Pre op assessment excitement

I'm totally exaggerating about the excitement part, though SailGP last weekend (see photo) was indeed pretty exciting. Anyway, I digress….

The pre op assessment that was due to last 60-90 mins took all of 30!  They took my height and weight again, for the 3rd time…..honestly, I am sure I haven't grown or shrunk in the past few weeks and other than taking my blood pressure, the whole thing could easily have been done on the phone in 15 mins! 

And why did they specifically ask me to bring my medications? I had them, all ready for inspection, bursting out of my handbag, but the evidence was not required.

Anyway, I don't know any more this afternoon than I did this morning but clearly a box has been ticked.

Surgery is in 3 weeks time, the countdown begins!