Chemo Cycle 4 (2 more to go)

Chemo Cycle 4 (2 more to go)

The pattern of side effects continues to be remarkably similar.  No issues for the first 3 days, then days 4-6 saw a little nausea and indigestion (but no sickness) but once again a strong need for Imodium tablets and retaining close proximity to the loo!

The sensitive mouth, the dry mouth and whatever it is that just makes food taste weird (sorry, still can't describe it) wanders in around Day 6 and is still hanging around quite persistently, it will go around Day 12, when food and wine will taste normal again. This isn't debilitating, but it's bloody annoying!

I've been more tired this cycle and sleep has been restless, but getting out for a walk really really helps and I have pushed myself to do this every day this week. Maybe this is the cumulative nature, but in saying I've been more tired, I'm not napping in the day and I have energy to do everything.

I continue to work full time, albeit from home. I admit I've had a few hours off this week and started work late a few mornings, but the routine is important to me and work itself gives me something to distract me, to focus on, to stop me dwelling on symptoms.

Today is Day 10 of this round, I slept well and feel good. Onwards and upwards as they say, only 2 more rounds of this crap to go!

Not a particularly exciting blog post when I read it, but I wanted to counter some of the difficulties of chemo by saying that I am finding it much easier than I had anticipated and much easier than I hear from others, so it really is an individual reaction.