A sneaky weekend away

A sneaky weekend away

My pre lockdown life involved travelling for work pretty much on a weekly basis and a decent number of weekends away camping or visiting friends or simply exploring so it's fair to say that our first weekend away in four months was indeed a treat, even if it was just visiting our daughter in Milton Keynes!

We did a good job of making it feel like a mini break. We cooked bacon and eggs for weekend breakfast, treated ourselves to nice food and wine and, major treat, had delivery pizza, something not available to us at home in the wilds of Devon Grinning 

We enjoyed visiting a local market town, walked the dog around a lovely lake and generally did the things we would do if we were on holiday. And whilst we are still in pandemic lockdown, we were able to have coffee outdoors in a cafe and observed that for the first time in months were served coffee in a china cup rather than a take away one.  Perhaps normality is returning after all....

I actually find it remarkably easy to forget I have cancer, and as it's the last week in my chemo cycle, the timing was good to sneak in a trip with minimal side effects to manage.