Before and after cancer

As dramatic as it sounds I'm sure everyone who has had cancer can agree there's life before and there's life after. it doesn't mean life won't go on or be as good, if anything it'll become better than ever. it just means life is different and things don't automatically return to normal.

I struggled to believe I would ever be able to feel how pure and joyful I did before cancer again. I thought the suffering I had would make me ruined and damaged. I now know that's not true and I can and will feel true happiness again. So many horrific firsts when you get diagnosed with cancer but there are some good new feelings that come too. Now I know what unconditional love from so many amazing friends and family members feels like. I know what strength is and how capable I am of achieving whatever it is I want in life, no matter how challenging it may seem. I know how the smallest gestures and sings of affections can go so far and make such an impact. I know more about myself than ever.