Womb cancer: Intro


This is just a series of ramblings form me on what's happened and how I've felt. I'm not sure how it will help, but if you want to ask me anything, please fee free.

I've been a nurse since I started training in 1978 (yes - a bit old, but in my head I'm still 25!).

Love my job, loads of amazing experiences and since 2003 I've had the privilege of being part of the team educating the nurses of the future at a fantastic University in Yorkshire.

I'm now responsible for their practice learning, trying to give them quality experiences with great nursing role models in diverse clinical settings (sorry if that's cliche'd but it matters to me).

I guess how good I've been at my job for the past 18 years will show in the care I receive next week Nerd, but so far the Nurses who've been involved would be perfect examples for our students and I'm so proud to be a part of this profession. I hope you have / have had the same lovely care on your journeys.

I had some odd bit of bleeding, like starts of periods, the odd blob of something in the loo, pink watery stuff on paper, that sort of thing. It cam and went and gradually became a daily event. I've felt well, just a bit tired but then it's been lockdown, I've eaten too much and not exercised enough so that explained that.

After a few tries to get a routine appointment, I realised I'd have to resort to the urgent appointment system and was seen straight away - with the GP referring me for Utrasound on the cancer pathway - assuring me 75% of cases are not cancer. 

Had the scan in 10 days, immediately noted thickened womb lining and prepared me for routine referral for an other test - hysteroscopy.

Here's my timeline of events:

  • Ultrasound Scan: 24.04.21
  • 09.06.21 Hystocopy
  • 15.06.21 Call confirming findings from Hysteroscopy
  • 01.07.21 MRI
  • 07.07.21 MDT & Call to confirm findings of MRI
  • 08.07.21 Cancer called to intro herself
  • 11.07.21 Call to book surgery
  • 18.07.21 Pre-op Assessment by phone
  • 22.07.21 Meet consultant and cancer nurse
  • 23.07.21 Follow up call from cancer nurse to check my understanding
    • Covid, MRSA swabs & blood
    • Isolate
  • 26.07.21 Surgery due

I'll post more entries about feelings and worries and we can compare notes if you like.... for now this is where I am: I've been working full time for ever, even when the children were small. Suddenly I've tied up all the loose ends and handed over my role to a deputy until I'm back. Out of Office is on, I've deleted my work e-mail app from my phone and I'm now completely lost. I can't or hug see my family until after the op, I've no work to do and I can't focus to read a book.

Suddenly this shit just got real.....

  • Good luck for 26th xxx it's a horrible time. I can't be brave, I'm so scared so I comfort eat and am getting very big, then I get depressed about my weight then I justify eating because I've got cancer..I don't know how some people on these sites are so BRAVE???

  • Hello, thank you xx 

    Eating then berating myself - I can identify with that entirely!

    I'm sorry you're having such a horrible time - where are you in the process?

  • How are you doing? How did the op go? Your timeline is helpful thank you for sharing it does make me sad that mine sadly is longer and I’m sitting here with no operation date some 6 months later. I am scared I will not be given a chance to fight it and have already been told I’ve gone from stage 1-3 with possible worse prognosis. Same symptoms as you. I do hope you are getting  there. Blush

    • My mum has womb cancer stage 1 we thought it was fibroids etc because she has always had stuff like that since having children she's 60 now though and already been through menopause so checked at doctors and they referred her then hospital scanned etc and they said sorry to tell you but it is cancerous and they are planning a hysterectomy but I am very scared because she is diabetic and has had dvt In the past so more risk of infection post surgery therefore we are all scared atv the moment and she is so sad and saying she will die and we have little family and only a few close firends so a lack of support really and I am autistic so I struggle with my emotions anyway etc so I seem insensitive and so on.