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As many as 9 out of 10 people with cancer (90%) get cancer-related fatigue (CRF). In this blog, our senior content developer and managing editor Rachel talks about a new online resource to support people with fatigue.

What is fatigue?
Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion. Fatigue can be especially difficult to deal with when you are already trying to cope with cancer. You may feel very tired or exhausted all or most of the time.

There are things you can do for yourself that may help you cope. For example:

  • finding ways to pace yourself through the day
  • trying to stay physically active
  • keeping a fatigue diary.

Support online
RESTORE is a new online tool, developed by Macmillan and the University of Southampton, that provides information about things you can do to help you cope with fatigue. It is based on the most up-to-date evidence and can give you more confidence to manage your fatigue.

This image is a screenshot of our RESTORE tool online. It shows the heading what do you want to think about? and some suggestions of areas of home and work life that someone might want to think about, including physical activity, laundry, work, and diet.

RESTORE helps you to monitor your energy levels and set goals to help you manage your fatigue more effectively. It also links to the Macmillan fatigue diary, to help you keep track of your energy levels and work out what makes your fatigue better or worse.

Lizzie’s story
Lizzie had cancer-related fatigue after having treatment for oesophageal cancer. She says:

How to get support
If you are finding it very difficult to cope with fatigue, it can help to explain any problems to your doctor or nurse. Here are some questions you may like to ask:

  • What could be causing my fatigue?
  • Are there any treatments that may help?
  • What can I do to help reduce my fatigue?
  • Could my medicines be affecting my energy level?
  • What help is available?

The RESTORE tool is available for anyone experiencing cancer-related fatigue at  

Macmillan also has more information about fatigue, including our booklet Coping with fatigue (tiredness)You can order this booklet, which includes our fatigue diary at 

this image shows a selection of our booklets, including coping with fatigue and the fatigue diary.

Macmillan's range of self-management tools
RESTORE is one of a range of self-management tools produced by Macmillan to support people to cope with different symptoms throughout their cancer journey. For example, you can use the Macmillan symptom diary to record any symptoms, and what makes them better or worse. We also have a pain diary, where you can record the level of pain and how it feels, to help you and your healthcare team find the best way to manage your pain.


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