Learning Disability Awareness Week (20 - 26 June)

June 20–26 is Learning Disability Awareness Week led by the charity Mencap. This week is about making sure the world hears what life is like if you have a learning disability.

Image of 7 steps to equal health care easy read bookletThere are around 1.5m people in the UK living with a learning disability. That is approximately 2.16% of the general population1. And yet it can sometimes be difficult for this audience to find accessible health information.

People with learning disabilities have poorer general health than people without a learning disability. This includes fewer people attending cancer screening. As well as having increased hospital admissions and reduced life expectancy.

It is important that people with learning disabilities have access to the health information that is right for them. This is so they can understand their condition and what is happening to them.

Macmillan’s easy read bookletsImage of 'Breast care for women' easy read booklet

So, this week is also a good time for us to tell you all about our range of easy read booklets about cancer. These are for people with a learning disability and for anyone who prefers simple words and pictures.

We have a range of 57 easy read booklets – why not download a PDF or order a free printed copy? Click here to see our range.

Our booklets include information about:

  • common cancers
  • treatments and living with cancer
  • end of life.

We update our easy read booklets every 3 years and try to add new ones each year.

Last year, we wrote a new booklet about cancer and coronavirus (covid). This includes information about:

  • how people can protect themselves from covid if they have cancer
  • how covid may affect their cancer treatment
  • and about the vaccine.

Making our easy read booklets more diverse

This year, we are updating over 25 of our easy read booklets. We are reviewing these and adding in more diverse images. This is to make sure that people from protected groups are represented. For example we want to include more people who are minority ethnic, LGBTQ+ or disabled.

We are also taking steps to make sure our language is inclusive and does not discriminate. Where possible, we do not refer to someone’s gender. This is to help us make sure that everyone feels they can come to us for much-needed information and support.

What else should we write about?

If you have any ideas for a new easy read booklet, please let us know by emailing cancerinformationteam@macmillan.org.uk

We would love to hear from you!



1 Mencap (How Common Is Learning Disability In The UK? How Many People Have A Learning Disability? | Mencap)