my mum is my best friend my world

my mums original diagnosis was in dec 2011 and treatment for that finished in may, she was then told it responded well and looked like she was on the right track, until she woke up one morn couple of wks ago with a lump on her neck which they initially said could b an infection, turned out after it was cancer again and that it had spread.


we r all devastated and i have been trawling the internet for something, a breakthrough anything that may give a glimmer of hope, but everything is non small cell cancer nothing for small cell cancer! any help would b so grateful.

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    I have 2 young children too, my little boy is 6 and my little girl is 3. They both help to keep me and my mum positive :0)

    This is the third time in 2 years that the cancer has returned and she has just started more chemotherapy and they are trying to do some second line radiotherapy which we are really scared about. I think its just about keeping fingers crossed.

    Has your mum started treatment again?

  • Yes they started straight away, the first time was awful she got so ill she had to be admitted for fluids and antibiotics but only one nt she was in as she was so much better after that thankfully.

    The effects havnt kicked in yet from her second round of CAV she had that tue gone im hoping she'l cope better knowing what to expect.its scary as they have said she can only have 4 rounds maximum, then who knows if that doesnt work, ur right its constant fingers crossed with this.

    How is your mum coping with the chemo and radiotherapy?x

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    It seems that the first round is always the hardest so heres hoping she sails through the other 3!

    Did she have CAV the first time around?

    My mum seems fine with the chemo she is on Cistplatin and Etopside. She had her first round of that last week (3 week cycles) She is having 2 or hopefully 3 rounds of that.

    The radiotherapy second time round is horrible though :0( she is 14 sessions into 30 (daily) and is in agony already. She called me today to say she wants to stop it so I think thats a case of watch this space and keep crossing the fingers too!