my mum is my best friend my world

my mums original diagnosis was in dec 2011 and treatment for that finished in may, she was then told it responded well and looked like she was on the right track, until she woke up one morn couple of wks ago with a lump on her neck which they initially said could b an infection, turned out after it was cancer again and that it had spread.


we r all devastated and i have been trawling the internet for something, a breakthrough anything that may give a glimmer of hope, but everything is non small cell cancer nothing for small cell cancer! any help would b so grateful.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry you've found yourself here :(

    After my dad was diagnosed I too searched everywhere for anything positive, something to cling on to but sadly I found nothing. The sad part is that small cell is a really bad cancer to have and it is incurable, and fast.

    I think your mum did well to get through the treatment.  I hope that she continues to stay relatively well for a bit longer yet and that they manage her pain.

    Thinking of you x

  • Hi Molly thank you for replying, she remains pain free and hoping they can contain this for years to come, i live in hope and trying to get my mum out of house is proving quite difficult, but once the chemo side effects calm down a bit mayb she will.

    Do you mind me asking, how old is your dad? how r u dealing with everything?

    Ems xxx

  • i am sorry molly i just read your story aft posting the above, new to this.

    Hope you are finding peace, much love xxx

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    Hi Emilycream,


    I am really sorry to hear about your mums diagnosis. My mum also has small cell lung cancer.

    I think the 'glimmer of hope' is that luckily it responds well to chemotherapy and hopefully will give you some more good days, weeks and months with your mum.

    I have my fingers crossed for you both.

    Best wishes,



  • Hi laura

    thank u for you kind words, right back at you, its so hard isnt it, to stay positive, i have 2 young children keeping me sane lol.

    How is your mum? and how r u ?x