In the beginning BC (Before Cancer)

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Before I start this first chapter I just want to say this, at 57 years & 9 months old, this is my first ever blog, not a subject I perhaps would have chosen to write about, but here I am, writing about me and my prostate cancer journey. As I go through the processes of each stage, when I feel like it, I'll write the next chapter, so for the first time ever, please have a read about my first awareness of this disease.


In the beginning, I wasn't aware of something called prostate cancer, but in 2017BC (before cancer) it arrived in my field of vision. You see, I am adopted and therefore there was no familial knowledge for me to fall back on. This all changed however, in 2017 when I decided to go looking for my natural father (before it was too late?). It took a while to find him even with the employment of a private investigator as my enquiries had drawn blanks, and I'm my family's family historian...go figure, anyway, I learned that he had passed away about 5 years before at the age of 64 from metastasised prostate cancer.

Having read up on the disease and being 51 years old at that time I decided the best thing to do was to ask my GP for a PSA blood test, this I duly did and thankfully my score was less that 1, no further action was required. But with me realising that 1 in 8 men can get prostate cancer and with my natural dad having died from it, that now gave me a 1 in 4 chance of getting the disease but, I was now informed and aware, and there is no greater form of self defence a guy can have than that.