Girly stuff

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Having been overweight all of my life, I've become very good at the art of disguise.Grin

Covering up lumpy bits, smoothing out bumpy bits, shading and shadowing triple chins, highlights, low lights, lycra, draping, suck it in pants I'm a pro.

I'm always dressed to impress, rarely seen without hair, makeup, matching toning outfit, jewelry,  coloured hair for distraction, the lot.

Now at 60 after finally getting to my desirable weight, I get breast cancer!!!! 

All those things that I've got so well practised at are now to be taken away albeit temporarily.

So today I went to a makeup and skincare session by "Look good feel better".

I was the only one pre chemo, so felt a bit of a fraud, but the control freak bit of me, had to be ahead of the game.

Brilliant session, gorgeous high end products goody bag and met lots of amazing ladies, some in treatment some completed.

Showed them my newly tattooed semi permanent eye lashes, currently like 2 black slugs, and many said wish they'd done it, pre chemo, on the must not do list once you start. Also, reassuringly those who'd done the same showed me how their slugs had faded down, phew !!!!

Learnt about hair stuff, eyelash stuff, NHS wigs and how i shouldn't be paying for car parking for my frequent hospital appointments. Brilliant.

Mostly I learnt how tough women are (no offense guys). So many young women, with small children and masses of other stuff in their lifes.

Made me think, yet again, that I had lots to be grateful for, even in this crappy situation. And that being in my privileged situation probably just makes me self centered and feel sorry for myself. Whereas others have to crack on.

I learnt that if you lose your nasal hair, your nose can run non stop, and where I can access alternative/supportive therapies for free.

A multitude of information, and there was me nearly didn't go in case the reality of my next few months was too scary.

Hair, hair colour, nails, body shape, face shape, eye brows and lashes just a few of the girly things that cancer takes away, some temporarily, maybe some permanently. All things I Two hearts

Who knows how I'll do, how I'll look, but I know there's a wealth of support and help out there.