End of week

1 minute read time.

So summary of end of 1st whole week post diagnosis !!!

Positives - whole body CT all clear for extra hidden nasties     

                  - dont need to stop beloved HRT as cancer is not hormone related/responsive

                   -changed to younger female breast surgeon as found original chap too patriarchal 

                    - have amazing support from friend, family and HCP colleagues 

                     - ovaries have been given all clear by gynaecology 

                      - have achieved all necessary imaging (i Thinking

                      - USS for axillary spread looks good

                         - getting much better at talking to people about it - less crying 

                          - have not yet become full blown alcoholic Wine glass

                            - appear to have impressed upon medical team that i must have information to enable some sense of control 

                             - worked a few hours with support of amazing colleagues 

Negatives     - still no clear treatment plan (nobody's fault)

                        - BRACA still outstanding 

                       - outstanding histology on 2nd slightly suspicious area of same breast 

                        - still cant sleep 

                         - emotions very very labile 

Overall, could be worse I guess See no evil

Cheers for the weekend  xxWine glass