6 dresses for 6 cycles

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So here I am !!! Triple neg breast cancer, 2. 5 months post WLE and SNLB with good outcome on pathology.

Having chemotherapy 6 cycles. X3 EC and then X3 Docetaxal. All 3 weeks apart.

Had my first EC 15 days ago. Days 1-5 ok ISH, extremely muzzy headed (didn't dare drive), very little nausea, took all the anti emetics and steroids as instructed - too scared not to !!!

I blame the filgrastim jabs from days 3-8 for making me feel rough and tired ++++.

Worse day for me was day 6, fatigue off the scale, didn't think I'd make it from my bed to the sofa !! I rang the chemo hotline just for reassurance.

I have to say I'm finding the chemo team much better than the surgical team, very kind and attentive, ring routinely at least once the week after treatment and also rang me back the next day after I called them.

The fatigue was like wearing a suit made of lead, I had to brave myself before I could climb that stairs.

Days 9- 24 it's slowly lifted, but I was really glad that I'd prepped in advance, good and household tasks, so I mostly reclined on the sofa. I have learnt though that I needed to plan stuff to keep my mood up and keep occupied in a very gentle way. I've laid in jigsaws, adult colouring, and cross stitch. It's such a peculiar feeling that you feel a bit rubbish if you do absolutely nothing all day but your chemo brain really can't cope with too much, I couldn't even really read for more than a few minutes.

I was a bit sad that only a couple of years ago I had a high powered job and was travelling all over the country and now my brain power could only cope with jigsaws  !!!!

Temporary I hope.

My appetite went mad, helped by the steroids I guess, but as I've had WLS it's not really an issue. I dropped 1lb in the first part of the cycle which I pulled back this week with the help of several packets of biscuits !

So this week as I felt better went back to full on prepping for the next cycle, good shopping, batch cooking, changed beds !!! I'm always one to be prepared !!!

Having my "illegal" gels redone tomorrow, and bought a new dress off Vinted, and painting my toenails Stuck out tongue winking eye

Decided I'd treat myself to a dress for each cycle to wear to the chemo unit, mad I know but it helps me !!!

Those who are older will remember 7 brides for 7 brothers and those who are younger may know 27 dresses !!! 

So bring on cycle 2 !!! Hair remains on my head still, can't resist tugging it sometimes and still dread it falling out

just to see !!! My wig arrived, not loving it but hopefully my hairdresser can whip it into shape. Most of the side effects from cycle 1 have worn off including the numb finger tips and sore tongue. Note to self too many Tangfastics probably didn't help, but they were perfect for the metallic taste !!!

No ulcers but I did ditch my electric toothbrush and changed to a super soft one and started non alcohol mouthwash twice daily.


So I'm painting my toenails and behaving like I'm going on holiday as I await next week's batch of "poison" although I try and tell myself it's a search and destroy mission !!!

Oh and as an aside my boob is finally softening up where the tumour was dissected, I massage it every day with bio oil, not because of the scar but because I want to be able to feel what it's like aPensive if anything is changing, I don't trust it anymore Pensive not do I trust mammogram so I want to be able to feel as much as possible. I do have to admit that it doesn't look awful and I'm learning to accept it, if not exactly love it yet. Hopefully with some more time.

Dress 2 has arrived and it fits, so I'm ready Nail careDancer too go !!! Let's hope that a little thing like my bloods pre the next cycle don't stop me Joy

  • Hiya Libby

    I loved reading your blog, 

    Hopefully now you know what happened on your first cycle, things shouldn't be much different for your second one. 

    Love the idea of different dresses for each cycle. 

    Like you said batch cooking is the way to go. Plus some tins of prunes in my case. 

    My hair started shedding after the second round of EC, mine were fortnightly though. I have just started the Paclitaxel and at the moment still have eyebrows and lashes.

    I still haven't worn a wig yet.

    Fingers crossed your bloods are OK for next batch of poison xx

  • Thankyou xx

    I find the waiting for hair loss is worse than it happening !!!

    Mind you that's pretty much true of everything about breast cancer , forever waiting !!

  • Hi Vibby. I love your blog.
    I blame the Filgrastim injections for lots of my side effects though apparently they aren’t the cause according to my breast care nurse. 
    im on exactly the same chemo regime as you (TNBC diagnosis) and have just finished the 3xEC.  I find each day has a surprise but usually day 10 onwards is fine. I started losing my hair on Day 12 cycle 1 and it was very upsetting but now hair free and enjoying all the scarves and head wear options. 
    Going to check out Vinted dresses Laughing