Where our cancer story begins

Hi, I’m Fiona and this is my husband William.

We’re both 50 years-old and share the same Zodiac sign, Libra. It would be ironic if it was Cancer because along with three children, four cats the marital home and bed, cancer is a disease that we also share and have.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2021, and William with multiple myeloma in February 2022. Never could we have imagined this double whammy. A husband and wife both diagnosed with cancer just months apart - you couldn’t write it...

Our cancer story begins at the end of my chemotherapy treatment, one week before William’s diagnosis. We’re just an ordinary couple trying to get through an extraordinary situation and writing the nuts and bolts about it, helps me make sense of things.

I write about my diagnosis and subsequent treatment including chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. I write about the side effects I experienced and the little things that helped me get through them. But most of all, I write about the overwhelming love and support I received from my family, and how I dealt with the soul destroying news of William’s diagnosis.

There are many things I want to say out loud, but often struggle to articulate in conversation. So, this blog has essentially become part of my inner counselling. It’s a space where I can share with you what it’s like living with cancer as a family, and fighting it simultaneously as a couple. 

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