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Not my usual tone of post at all.

My trip to London next week has now been cancelled and surgery kicked into an unknown future date by a ridiculous oversight by the London team.

Way back last summer, as part of the investigations into the lump that came up in my groin, it was discovered that I have a heart issue; mitral valve regurgitation. I'm a really fit person and an echocardiogram showed that my heart was healthy and pumping more blood than the average for my age. I had none of the symptoms associated with this condition. 

So, priority, deal with the cancer, because that will kill you quite soon. The heart can wait, but we know about it and can mitigate for it as needed.

The proposed surgery is huge...15 hour operation, several days in ICU and a month in hospital.

The surgery team know about the heart valve in December.

Today, the working day before I am having my pre-op assessment the anaesthetist says that they want another echocardiogram.

Everything gets cancelled

The complex cancer team have sat on the info regarding my heart valve for four months! Four months during which that echocardiogram could have been requested. 

This is truly incompetent

Do I want to entrust these people with my life during a 15  hour operation?

I may be better off taking my chances with the cancer. 

Ok. I probably don't mean that and I think I will be mentally back on point in a day to two but I am so upset right now. 

  • What’s astonishing about this is an ECG has been part of every pre-op I have had. So why they can’t do it on Monday along with everything else beggars belief. Hope it is resolved soon. 

  • thank you for reading my vent and responding. I'm so upset. A poor nurse got to call me at 4.30pm and dumped this in my lap with zero chance of me being able to do anything before Monday. So, I get to have this messing up the weekend.  I had got myself in a good head space and ready for a Monday pre-op assessment, stop-over with a south London residing brother, and a Tuesday face to face with the surgeon. Now, its all off and no dates known. I could have had an echo at any point in the four months since I was referred to the surgery team. Last week, at their request, I had an ECG and gave 5 lots of blood - why was the echo not requested at the same time? Just rubbish and the people who get to take the flak from me are the nurses, who really are not too blame. 

  • In a word, that's crap - who oh, why can't they just get on with everything and at the pre-op advise you of every possible outcome.

    Flippin heck - I had a simple procedure last year - not even an anaesthetic involved and at point 18 (the last point on the consent form) it said "danger of death".

    Don't these people realise we are all living with a "time bomb" inside us - you can see a scratch - you put a plaster on it and it heals. You can't see cancer and have to trust your team. When they do this sort of thing trust starts to evaporate!!

    You are right to rant!! I would - If you click on my avatar you will see I have been called into hospital twice just to make a complaint about delays to my treatment - I am doing fine - just get on with it.

    You have my sympathy - deep breath - enjoy the weekend (it's sunny as I type in the "grim North") and reset and go again.

    Best wishes - Brian.

  • Thank you

    I'm really not handling this well. I think someone senior should have phoned and with a proper plan to rectify this. I am being a lousy partner and we are arguing The weekend is wrecked and its raining here in the South West, and very cold for a spring day!  I have spoken with the people walking from Lands End to John O'Groats and they have said that they trust the surgeon, which is good to hear. I also know have a contact e-mail for the surgeon, so when I have a bit more composure, I will contact her. 

  • Words would fail me ! That you can even write this story with out going verbally incandescent is a tribute to your rationality in the face of such a let down!