Wellbeing 'This or That' quiz

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Wellbeing 'This or That' quiz

Which do you prefer? This or that?

Below are some 'this or that' questions to help you understand what your preferred resting type may be, so you can try some of the suggestions in our Helping You Rest Better blog

To join in, select your preference out of the 2 options in each question by clicking the 'vote' button.

The links at the bottom of the page will take you to the relevant information for your preferred rest type.

This is not in any way medical advice for your physical or mental wellbeing, but a fun way to help you find ways to get better rest and maybe try something new.

bath and a person doing yoga

person meditating outside next to a picture of pink journal

multicoloured books and paintbrushes, pens and pencils

person alone and people together sat at a table

If you answered:

Hot bath- you may find sensory rest to be helpful.

Hot yoga- physical rest may be helpful.

Meditation- spiritual rest and mental rest may be helpful.

Journalling- is an emotional rest activity.

Reading a book- social rest may be what you are looking for.

Crafting- creative rest may be what you need.

Time alone- social rest or emotional rest might be what you need at the moment.

Spending time with family and friends may be how you charge your social battery.

Tips to help you rest

  • Schedule it in and make time out of your day for you. Start with 10 minutes and build up from there if you are busy.

  • Short and sweet breaks can be just as impactful. Just a few deep breaths if you are out on a walk can help relax your mind and body.

  • Set boundaries. This one can be difficult for some people but saying no and asking for help when you need it.

  • Experiment with different types of rest where it is safe to do so. Trying something new or make a note of what you enjoy.

 Why not read our Helping You Rest Better blog and dedicate some time today to focus on your wellbeing.