"... The wind blows softly, the wind blows swift to carry my doubts and worries away..."- Creativity on the Community

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Today on the Community News Blog we are shining a light on all things creative from every corner of the Community. It doesn’t take long when looking through the community to stumble upon something creative, from knitted toys to poetry there are so many ways that members express themselves. Why not take a look through?

Creative Arts & Crafts

In the Breast Cancer’ group  posted pictures of some wonderful knitted toys she’s made in the 'Crafts and BC' thread. 


Sticking with an animal theme, here we have 's beautiful quilt made by paper piece quilting.

 has uploaded her incredible painting of a tiger in the Express yourself’ group.

Poetry and Writing

 put her feelings about the Community into a poem in the ‘Breast Cancer’ group.

"Mental pain and anguish is left behind awhile.

Together we are stronger.

We laugh and we joke, something 

We didn't think we'd do..."

Click here to read the full poem.

From the Express yourself’ group  has posted a poem which is a snippet from a book he has written.

"...so I'll start today with joy not sorrow, because we are not promised tomorrow..."

To read the full piece click here.

 also shared a poem they wrote called The Wind in the Express yourself’ group.

"The wind blows softly,

The Wind blows swift

To carry my doubts and

Worries away. Far away

From this place."

Read the full poem here.

Gardening and Nature Photography

 posted a photo of some of the beautiful greenery in her garden in the Living with incurable cancer- incurable patients only’ group.  

Also in the Living with incurable cancer – incurable patients only’ group has posted a picture showing a wonderful haul of colourful tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden.

 some stunning nature photography in the Breast cancer’ group. Yanyan10 took this beautiful photo of a lone sunflower in a carrot field behind her house.

Creativity comes in many forms, if you have something you have created that you want to share with the Community why not post in our Express yourself group? Being creative can be a really good way of relaxing, if you have any advice for other members about how you relax by expressing yourself please feel free to comment below.