The waiting continues.....

I'm now nearly 3 weeks post op (on Monday) and it's flown by. My armpit feels sticky and clammy which I presume is the lack of lymph nodes and I'm still wearing my bra at night. It just doesn't feel comfortable if I go bra less. My boob still feels quite swollen and tender and areas of it are numb. It's unbelievably itchy at times which I think is the nerves knitting back together. 

My scar is healed and is now looking scabby and dry. It doesn't look very pretty and is a bit puckered in places but there are only two people who will see that so I aren't really bothered, it's covered by my bra.

Ive got normal movement and have pegged washing out, cleaned the bathroom and hoovered (although had to use my left arm). I drove yesterday, just a short journey to see how it felt and it was fine. I'm not going to drive much and do unnecessary journeys but at least I know I'm ok.
I went for what I thought were results yesterday but it wasn't results it was just a follow up appointment- he did tell me the three lymph nodes are clear which was good news but no further results are back. So I'm back to waiting again.

My life is now spent waiting for the next hospital appointment!