The end of the chemo train next stop radiotherapy

So today I had my 12th chemo, 9th paclitaxel. All went to plan, my nurse was mega efficient and it ran like a dream. I watched 2 episodes of Call the Midwife and one of Emily in Paris. I had a sandwich courtesy of the NHS. No chat in my pod, 2 older people who kept themselves to themselves, which was fine.

My PICC line was also removed, slight pinch as it was unclipped but it was easier getting it out than putting it in. I'm not sorry to see it go as although it's served me well it's uncomfortable and limits life stuff. 

So 19 weeks of giving up my life to the medics to enable them to perform their magic and mop up any stray cancer cells. It's gone really fast which people said it would but it actually has flown! 

It will be strange not to have the weekly routine of Tuesday bloods, PICC flush and Wednesday  chemo. But I'm glad I've got off the chemo train. My next stop is radiotherapy. I have a CT planning scan next week where I'll learn all things radiotherapy. Up for extending my cancer cure knowledge,

Bring it on!