Surgery tomorrow

So my lumpectomy has been brought forward from the 10/8 to the 2/8, so although I welcomed this news with open arms it meant I had to get things sorted ASAP, both medically and at home.

I had to go for a procedure to insert a Magseed which aids the surgeon to remove the tumour much easier. The photo I’ve attached shows a cross where the Magseed has been inserted and the bruising is where the local anaesthetic was inserted.

It took 45 minutes and was painless. I had a mammogram afterwards to check it’s placement. I also had to have a Covid test. Once the test was done I was told to isolate until my hospital admission.

At home I had a few jobs to do. I had to go to the supermarket so we had enough food for the next few days, washing and ironing and just generally getting the house sorted. My partner is currently waiting for spinal surgery (I know, eh great timing) so is unable to drive and struggles to walk. 

I have to be at the hospital for 7.30am and need to have the blue dye injected as the surgeon is removing my sentinel lymph node (currently no cancer there).

Hopefully I should be home the same day but have been told to go prepared for an overnight stay.

I want the cancer gone, Tomorrow can’t come soon enough