Radiotherapy appointment

So I have 2 weeks until chemo finishes and it's now time to start planning my radiotherapy. I met with my oncologist today and the plan is to still have 5 sessions of radiotherapy which will commence 3 weeks after chemo finishes so roughly 7th March.

In the meantime I will need to have a CT scan, then a planning scan. I should then get my 5 appointments through.

We also discussed the need for a bone density scan as this checks my bones as the hormone tablets may affect them.

The lead nurse practitioner will also ring me to arrange ongoing Herceptin injections as my last one at the cancer centre will be the 2nd February. I can have them at hoe which will be good, until I go back to work though.

It really is like a very well oiled machine this cancer treatment lark. I can finally begin to see the end of active treatment and start thinking about getting stronger, losing some weight and regaining a decent level of fitness.

  • Great to hear you're nearing the end of treatment x

  • Will you have to give yourself the Herceptin injections? I managed to do the Filgrastim ones, 5 times every 3 week cycle, but I am not sure I could do a Herceptin one. It sounds like you have everything under control. Good luck. :-)

  • No you don't do these yourself, they have to be done very slowly (5-8 minutes) so are done by a nurse.

    Ive been told the district nurse will come to my house to do them but I plan on going back to work towards the end of Easter so not sure how that would work. The other option is to go to the cancer centre every third week which could be an hour, hour and a half out of my day. I will find out what what the district nurse option is when I speak to the lead nurse practitioner on the 11th Feb.

  • good luck i'm just going to embark on similar treatment for lung cancer so hope we all get good results !