Pills, potions and prescription perks

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, one the first things the breast care nurse gave me was a medical exemption certificate.This allows all cancer patients free prescriptions for 5 years. There aren't many perks to having cancer but this is definitely one of them. I already pay for a pre-payment certificate so this was cancelled and the exemption applied for - and boy do you need it.

They really do look after you regarding medication, they know that you are being filled with poison and that for many people it's extremely hard, luckily modern medication can help with lots of the side effects.

You are also given a prescription for a wig at the start of chemo and then can ask for a second one 6 months later. 

My own hospital also give you a free parking permit for 2 cars, because you really do spend a lot of time at the hospital.

Cancer and chemo is one of the hardest things I've ever done but knowing you have amazing doctors and  pharmacists to  help with side effects is a massive support.

Thank heavens for our wonderful NHS.

  • This is great to read. We live in Wales so get free prescriptions and free hospital parking as standard. However, we've only lived here 3 years. Me and my husband said the other day as we were at hospital for another appointment, if we were still living in England we'd need to remortgage to pay for all the hospital parking. So reading you post is lovely to hear that you're not out of pocket xxxx