PICC line, cycle #2 and a new sofa

So I had a PICC line fitted the day before my second EC chemo. It was a weird experience, the nurse was truly amazing. She explained everything so well and was really kind. It was inserted using ultrasound and she did skim a nerve which wasn't pleasant but certainly not painful. 6 days later and it's feeling ok, I don't love it and I think the dressing is annoying but it will be better going forward with 10 more chemos to go, not to mention the blood tests.

So chemo #2 was at the hospital closer to home so I'd not been to this centre properly. The staff were lovely, slight raised BP but that came down after I'd sat for a bit. Chemo was at 90% today opposed to 70% previously so my bloods must have been ok.  As before saline drip in first and then the nurse pushed through the injections by hand - I was there for just under 2 hours so not too bad.

Side effects have been similar to cycle 1, fatigue bit more nausea this time and heartburn. Sorted out the constipation with one Movicol sachet each morning which seems to do the trick. 

Lack of sleep is still proving a problem, the night sweats are so hard. Spoke to my GP and he prescribed me an anti depressant which he says will help with insomnia too, however on looking up the side effects it says that the majority of people gain a lot of weight whilst on them. I don't want that. I refuse to be bald AND fat. I've already put 8lb on in about 6 weeks. Gaining weight isn't good for my self esteem so I'm going to ask him for an alternative.

I'm a 52 year old average size 14, I'm not vain but have recently struggled( pre cancer)  to keep my weight steady despite healthy eating and regular exercise. So these are a no go.

Tomorrow our new sofa finally arrives, it's been a long 18 weeks,  DFS promised us it would be between 10-13 weeks so we are SO excited about that. Trouble is we can't even remember what it looks liThinking Thinking

  • I mentioned nausea to the oncologist and got extra tablets - they helped with nausea but I did get more constipation- seems to be how it works! may be worth a try?

    I had a similar thoughts, being bald and fat wasn’t appealing but my theory was fight this thing first before worrying about weight.
    I asked about sleeping, I was advised against tablets but did get some nice oils to help sleep, lavender apparently is supposed to help(note the supposed to!).

    Enjoy the sofa!

  • Glad to hear cycle 2 is underway and I hope the side effects ease soon. I was prescribed Omeprazole for heartburn and I am still on it as the couple of times I have tried to stop, it's coms back.   Hope you feel better soon x

  • My main side effect now is a sore throat, I feel like I have a ball stuck in it. This cycle has been harder I think than the first - I'm already dreading the next (& final) EC. 

    How people do 6 of these goodness knows.