Overnight stay courtesy of the NHS

So my operation went well. I didn't have the blue dye in the end but something else, I'm not sure what but will check at my next clinic appointment.

I went down at 10am and woke up in recovery at 1.30pm but was vomiting/dry heaving quite a bit. Anti-sickness meds given and I improved. I went back onto the ward and ate some toast. Discussion about going home - you have to stay in hospital for minimum of two hours before they will let you go home. But I didn't feel right.

By 5.30pm I started feeling really hot, sick and very strange. The nurse came and took my obs, felt really sick so more anti-sickness given (they are amazing drugs) my BP plummeted and it seemed I was having a reaction to the anesthetic. I felt bloody awful. 

So I had to stay in overnight. Staff were amazing and I also got to meet a girl from a local Facebook Cancer site so that was good. Eventually got home by 1pm on Tuesday.

I've been ok since I got home. Struggled to get comfortable to sleep. I have a drain in, so am conscious of that. You need lots of pillows, to prop yourself up, to put under your arm pit. 

No pain as such but just feel sore. I've been doing the exercises we were shown to do by the physio and I've got good movement. I'm resting, walking a bit round the house, napping and taking things slow. Breast care Nurse rang me to check I was ok and she said pathology are short staffed and results could be 3-4 weeks. I know I had 3 lymph nodes removed instead of the planned one and just hope there were clear margins.

I have an appointment to see my consultant tomorrow and she's hopefully going to remove the drain and dressing. 

Next will be chemo. I think this lumpectomy may have been the easy bit!