One month taking Anastrozole

I was given my first pack of Anastrozole in March but as I was still having radiotherapy I decided to wait until I'd finished treatment before taking them. Then we booked a holiday and I decided to wait (again) until we'd come back before I took them. I just wanted to have a bit of time, not taking any drugs and being 'normal' - whatever normal is now.

So I took my first tablet on the 30th March. I'd read about all the horrendous side effects that people have experienced taking these tablets and I was dreading them but these tablets are going to (hopefully) stop the cancer coming back so I need to go with them for as long as I can.

So far I've not felt too bad on them, I've been getting hot flushes anyway because of menopause/chemo etc so nothing new there. I've been taking fluoxetine to help with the flushes and they do seem to help, I have a fan by my bed and I wear layers where I can. I've noticed some joint/muscle aches, particularly when I get up in a morning but once I get moving I'm fine and I have been exercising 2-3 times a week too which I think helps.

Cant say my insomnia is any worse as it's been pretty rubbish since I stopped taking my HRT 10 months ago, I just manage as best I can. 

So 28 days in Im feeling ok, let's just hope it remains the case.