MRI & missing HRT

This week I went for my MRI! Never had one before so it was all new. As always the staff were fantastic and explained everything that would happen. I got undressed, put 2 cod-liver oil capsules onto my nipples with tape (they form a point of reference on the scan) had a canular fitted and away we went.

I took a Take That CD with me to listen to and pretended I was back at Manchester Arena in 2019 (the year I turned 50) whilst also imagining I was at Hoar Cross Hall health spa and was lying face down (with my boobs in two cups) waiting for a massage. After 25 minutes I survived all  that weird banging and went home.

Now we wait for the doctors to all meet, discuss what the MRI discovered and come up with a plan to rid the cancer out of my body. I've been trying to second guess when their meeting it on a Friday then appointments can be made for the  following week? A Monday so they are all fresh? Who knows. As ever with this cancer malarkey waiting is what you have to learn to do.

My major struggle at the moment is mourning the loss of my HRT. I had a hysterectomy in 2017 and started taking HRT some months afterwards for night sweats/ aching joints and just generally feeling rubbish. To me, HRT has been a miracle drug, a life saver. I felt amazing whilst taking it. I took my last tablet on the 16th June and I'm really struggling without it.

The nights are awful. I wake up 4/5 times with my body on fire, I do sweat but not as much as some people. It's the feeling of total heat through my whole body that is horrible. I then struggle to get back asleep. I've tried pillow mists and temple balms, sage tablets, listening to podcasts and I've realized I can't drink alcohol without suffering too. I've now ordered a smaller fan to go on my bedside table which should arrive today. I'm hoping that will at least make me feel slightly better.

If anyone knows anything that will help please let me know.

Enjoy your day everyone Slight smile