Life after chemo....

I'm now 2 weeks post chemo and beginning to feel more myself. Fatigue is lifting slowly and I've got more energy. I decided re-join the gym as I'd not been since before Covid. I've been a few times now and initially found that walking briskly on an inclined treadmill and using the cross trainer were all I could manage but I'm building up stamina slowly and adding more and more to my workout each time I go. 

I had my CT planning scan done for my radiotherapy last week which starts on the 2nd March just  for 5 days. We are then hoping to have a holiday somewhere warm and sunny where I can recuperate a bit more and forget about hospitals, tests and appointments.

I shall continue to have Herceptin injections every three weeks and need to begin taking the Anastrozole that was prescribed for me and is sitting on the coffee table - but I think I'm going to hold off taking them until after radiotherapy.

I then need to think about my return to work. A lot of people say don't rush, come back when you're ready but I feel that I've been immersed in this cancer/chemo bubble for so long and my brain has been saturated with all things cancer I just want to be able to think about something different, and going back to work will enable this. I need to get back to my job for my own sanity.