Gilbert's Syndrome

I've been to see my oncologist this morning for a review after my first chemo. Apparently I may have something called Gilbert's Syndrome as I have raised bilirubin levels. Because of this my first chemo dose had to be reduced slightly. I've had bloods done again today which will determine what dose I get next week for chemo #2.

It's not serious and won't affect my chemo - apart from the dose, as my liver may struggle to excrete it out of my body. 

Lots of people may have this condition and never know about it until something like this happens and bloods have to be checked more thoroughly. It's hereditary and men and women can have it.

Unfortunately there's nothing to improve it. Levels need to be under 20 ideally. Mine were at 28 pre chemo but 14 from bloods taken a few weeks previously so it's totally random.