Getting ready for chemotherapy

So I’m having a lumpectomy on the 10th August (that’s if my BP comes down Rage) and then 6 weeks later, so around 21st September I’ll start chemo.

Ive begun thinking about and exploring people’s experiences regarding chemo and firstly I think I’ve finally decided not to do the cold cap. I’ve spoken to a couple of hairdresser friends and decided to just lose the hair.

Next week I’m having my hair cut shorter, it’s already in a short bob but it’s going to go shorter. I may go even shorter at the next cut but we’ll see.

Ive discovered that I can still continue to have my gel nails on so that will make me feel better and I’ll have black as recommended by so many people. I may have some swirls too on my nails so at least I won’t feel like a total goth Rofl

Ive also decided to get my ears re-pierced as they closed up years ago, so at least I can wear some pretty earrings.

My next job is to look into micro blading - I know very little about this so need to book an appointment and find out what they suggest, costs etc

Finally I’m going to go into Boots and ask about decent concealer/foundation etc in a bid to make myself look half human. I’ve never really spent much on make up apart from a bit of lipstick and mascara.

Im basically grasping at anything to make me feel feminine and it’s also giving me something to focus on too. 

I’m also listing the boring stuff I may need e.g. ear thermometer, gavisgon, Imodium, moisturiser, alcohol free mouthwash etc. 

  • I actually read your list on your blog and made loads of notes from it! It was so useful Thumbsup tone1

  • hi jacala, I have just read your post. it's really interesting to read about all of the things you would like to do to help you to feel more feminine. I was thinking why don't you try wearing some pretty clothes to go with your other things. if you like skirts, tops, dresses or any other type of summery clothing may also help to feel more feminine. I have read about a few ladies who have been battling different types of cancer and have opted for the cold cap so that they didn't lose their hair. I remember reading about one lady who had lost her hair ( i don't think that the lady knew about the cold caps at the time of her treatment) due to the chemo and she had added a photo of herself and her cancer support nurse trying on different types of wigs and laughing at each other.

    I have seen an advert showing different people going through cancer treatment at a Bupa cancer centre I think it was and in one of the rooms is a young woman whose mum was going through treatment and she was wearing a headscarf. the lady was sat on a chair with her daughter knelt up in front of her and I think (i can't remember her exact words to her mum) she said," you look lovely mum" as I think that the young woman had put some makeup on her mum to help her to feel better.

    I hope I haven't upset you with the last part of my message as it wasn't my intention to and I sincerely apologise if I have..

  • I’m not offended at all!

  • I’m not using the cold cap. Many ladies often lose their hair (or quite a lot of it) plus I just feel like I want the chemo going right to the top of my head.