Fundraising - I walked 100 miles in October

During September Breast Cancer Now launched a fundraising campaign to walk 100 miles during October. I was starting my first chemo on 1st October and would be completing my second towards the end - I knew it could be a challenge but I just needed a focus. 

I signed up, within 24 hours I'd raised £500! It made me feel so emotional and humble.

I started walking  on the morning of the 1st October and then had my first chemo in the afternoon.I've always done  a lot of walking with my partner so I had a few solid, known routes I could walk. 

I walked nearly every day during October with just 2 days after each chemo where I struggled. 

Today is October 31st and I've smashed through the 100 mile mark and raised £1200. I'm so proud of myself and so grateful to the amazing friends and family who have supported me. 

I shall continue walking over the coming months - it's helped my mental health so much.