Food - eat healthy or throw caution to the wind

So, being a person that feels in control by finding out as much information as I can, I've briefly looked at how cancer could be caused by:

  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • not sleeping well
  • stress
  • additives
  • coca cola
  • sweeteners.....blah, blah, blah

But I've also read about women (& men) who don't drink alcohol, eat really healthily and exercise weekly (even running marathons prior to their cancer diagnosis) and they STILL got cancer.

So when I was diagnosed I thought, right, ok that's it. Healthy food (we do eat quite well) and no alcohol. Slight smile well that soon went out the window when I was feeling low, angry and sad.

Then I opened the gin and chocolate. I just thought what is the point. I'm going through hell, an odd gin and piece of chocolate isn't going to give me cancer - I've already bloomin' got it!

So, I'm being sensible and eating well but allowing myself an occasional treat. 

What are your thoughts?

  • D'you know, I really relate to your post.  I question myself, is this my fault? Did I drink too much? Did I not eat healthily enough?  Should I have exercised more, lost more weight….you know how it goes.  Or is it just shitty bad luck and we have no idea what causes it?   Not sure, but like you, the odd wine or gin and some nice food now and again won't hurt overall x

  • I kind of think - having just got secondaries - that I'm want to try and give my body the best chance or environment to cope with the treatment.  I was thinking about it this morning and I figured I have to make choices about whether I'm NUMBING or NOURISHING. This sounds great in theory but I LOVE my wine and my chocolate and my cheese but I am also an all or nothing girl. And I have a disposistion to numb out with those things. I think you've got to take each day as it comes. I'm trying to feel my feelings - right now I feel shitty about the way I look - and be mindful of what way I deal with them. Am I going to numb out with things that aren't going to nourish me in the long term or am I going to nourish myself with coming on a macmillan forum and oversharing with strangers in a similar storm who might offer love and support? For the record, I numbed out on a chocolate croissant and then came on here so....... Be kind to yourself. This is hard but as Glennon Doyle says, We can do hard things!

  • It's so hard. I can empathise, what IS the point?!?!? 

    All the questions which has no answers to. I think mine was past stresses (not easy having lived with an alcoholic partner) but then I think of ny child and I must do what I can to keep fighting this with whatever I have!!!

    I love my food. So I am just trying to just enjoy the most I can right now. The odd biscuit, wine or mcds won't hurt I don't think!

    C x