Cycle #7 abandoned ☹︎

So I spoke too soon. So confident that I was going to continue sailing through these treatments but then they come along and throw me a curve ball.

To start with as I driving to hospital my son whose 18 rang to say he'd got Covid. Just brilliant. Can't think about that yet.

Got to the cancer centre and it started badly when it took 2 nurses 3 attempts to get my cannula in. My veins are very poor. They suggested attempting another PICC line and an appointment was booked for next week on the morning before my chemo. I don't hold out much hope for this but happy to try again. 

Saline starts to drip through and pre-meds given. Paclitaxel is started and I decide to go to the toilet so I can get settled down to watch Virgin River - this treatment usually takes an hour to go through . Sat back down and checked the timer on the machine and it said 10 minutes. 

I then started to get some lower back pain, thought maybe I was sat wrong, adjusted the pillow, stretched my legs out, no difference, stood up and gave it a little rub. Getting worse, realised this wasn't right. Shouted a nurse that I was feeling some real discomfort now. She called another nurse over. Screens were brought along with another 3 or 4 nurses. By now I was in excruciating pain radiating in my lower back and down my legs. It was akin to a contraction it was so bad. I was given oxygen and obs were done, BP was sky high and I was still in so much pain. Apparently it's a common occurrence and I've read of other people who have had the same.

They paused the transfusion and I was given piriton  and steroids through the cannula. Slowly it began to ease. The nurse did obs again and my BP was down. She then went to find out if any consultants were about. 

By now it was 4.30pm and I was still feeling some pain in my back. After speaking to the consultant it was decided that the chemo would be abandoned for today as it was so late in the day.

So next week we try again but I will be given extra pre-meds from now on and the transfusion will be done over 2 hours instead of 1.I've still got some pain in my back and am taking paracetamol until it eases.

So...chemo bit me on the bum for this cycle. Rule: never get too complacent.