Cycle 5 & 6 Paclitaxel, Christmas & looking ahead

Cycles 5 & 6 went by in a Christmas blur. In fact its 12 weeks since I had my first chemo back in October which is amazing when I look back. The time has flown. 

These 2 cycles were very boring and nothing to write home about really. The most exciting thing was trying to get bloods the day before out of my uncooperative veins. My left arm still remains very sore at times as the chemo has damaged my veins, I've been told this will improve once chemo stops and my body begins to heal. 

New side effects appear with each passing week. My taste buds went awol for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which was a disappointment. Christmas Day was ok, bearable and I was thankful to spend it with my family. Luckily none of us have succumbed to Covid but I suspect it's only a matter of time.

My nose now bleeds a lot. It seems to get blocked during the night, which then means I'm breathing through my mouth which then causes dry lips and tongue and I wake up with the inability to suck on my water bottle. I'm also quite breathless and struggle to walk and talk at the same time which is annoying. 

Tomorrow is cycle #7 and will include my second Herceptin injection. I then have 5 treatments to go. We have begun to plan a few things to do over the next few months and I'm so looking forward to doing some normal fun things. 

I'm also eager to begin to start making better food choices and think about exercise other than walking. 

Also I think my hair has stopped falling out (no growth yet) and the hairs on my legs have started growing too. I still have my eyebrows, my eyelashes are holding on but much thinner than normal. I'm keeping a close eye on my head though and willing the hair to grow.