Cycle #3 16.11.2021

So I had my third and FINAL EC on Tuesday. Anyone that knows will understand that the red wee is now a thing of the past.

Blood pressure was ok today, bloods were ok too so chemo could go ahead. Yay! So happy to be pumped full of poison Joy.

As usual the staff were a amazing, kind, patient, explain things. Todays EC was at 100% so I was expecting the worst. I actually drove myself there are back for the chemo as I'd felt ok the previous times. I felt ok when I was home, the usual sort of woozy, spaced out drunk kind of feeling.

In bed for 9pm and fell asleep. At 1am I was wide awake (thank you steroids) so got up to lie on the sofa and watch some rubbish DIY programme. I fell asleep and woke up at 4am feeling really sick, managed to get to the bathroom and vomited. First time since starting chemo. Later in the day I realised I hadn't taken my anti sickness medication before I went to bed - they do work then!

This chemo hasn't been as bad as the last one strangely. I've managed to keep the constipation at bay, I've not had heartburn or the weird sore throat/swallowing a lump thing. I don't feel as zombie-fied as I did before, I am extremely fatigued and I've got a funky mouth but I've managed to do a bit of washing and tidying. 

Two more injections and then by Monday or Tuesday I'll be feeling much better. 

Then I move onto weekly paclitaxel which will be very weird as it's moving into the unknown. This chemo is supposed is supposed to be kinder and easier to manage - I hope so. 

  • Congrats on finishing the EC! After 2 cycles f AC chemo, I'm now on Paclitaxel (but every fortnight not weekly like you) and i don't find the side effects as harsh. Hope you breeze through it my lovely xxxx