Chemotherapy start date

So yesterday I met my oncologist who is a lovely, funny dr from Turkey. He went through my history with me regarding my cancer.

35mm tumour + 4mm little extra tumour connected to the larger one, mixture of lobular and ductal (this was news to me as thought it was just lobular), PR, ER and HER2 positive. Good margins and 0/3 lymph nodes removed all negative. 

He has planned my chemo which will start Friday 1st October. I'm having 3  x EC on a 21 day cycle and then weekly paclitaxel for 9 weeks with Herceptin every three weeks which will then continue for a year after chemo has stopped. 

I left the hospital with mixed emotions. I'm glad to have a start date after my surgery 7 weeks ago and eager to get going so that I can see the end in sight. I'm also apprehensive about treatment, side effects and how my body is going to react. Friends who are currently going through treatment reckon my hair will start to fall out on around the 14th October which I'm dreading. But, I'm ready - I think. I have turbans, scarves and a wig. My partner will be ready with the clippers when we need  to go for the buzz cut. 

So I have 5 days before my COVID test, then I isolate. Pre- assessment on Thursday and then chemo Friday afternoon. 

I've always been a planner, list maker and organiser. I'm looking towards a holiday to Kos we booked in 2019 for August 2020. Of course it was amended because of COVID and then amended again this year because of my cancer diagnosis - it's now planned for August 2022 -fully paid for, ready and waiting for me to sit by that pool in the sunshine, drink in hand That's what I'm thinking ahead to. When I get to that point in time and arrive in Kos I will know that the last year has been worth it and my life can move on.