Chemo helplist

When I first found out that I'd be having chemo I began to research what to expect and I came and read some blogs which really helped me, so, I thought I would do the same.

First of all, when you read the list of side effects that people get with chemotherapy it does not mean you are going to get ALL of those side effects.I think I was expecting to until I realised that everyone is different, everyone's  experiences whilst going through this won't be exactly the same.

Ive had 3 EC and 1 paclitaxel so far but this is what I've found I've needed so far - it may change as I have 8 paclitaxel to go.

My list:


* Movicol, lactulose, senna - you definitely need some sort of constipation remedy, you might find that prunes, apricots and bran flakes help

* immodium- need this as you can have constipation AND diarrhoea in one day

* gavisgon - I suffered with some heartburn, not bad but definitely have some in just in case

* Difflam spray - during cycle #2 I had a very weird lump in my throat, the spray cleared this up - bizzarely I only had it the once

* paracetamol- I had a constant stock in for headaches, aches etc


* thermometer- preferably digital as chemo patients can get infections easily it's good to keep an eye on your temperature 

* blood pressure machine - I suffer with big BP so take my BP regularly and take a record in when I have treatment as I suffer from white coat syndrome

* hand cream, cuticle oil - I rubbed cuticle oil into my nails 2/3 times a day

* lip balm

* water bottle - you need to drink lots of water/squash or whatever you fancy


* ice lollies

* fizzy water

* cranberry juice/ pineapple juice

These are the things that have helped me so far. 

  • This is really helpful Jac....thanks for blogging. Wish you all the best for the next Taxols to come, and hopefully getting away with as little SE as poss

    C x

  • I have just read your blog and it has been very helpful, like you I have been researching, got the soft toothbrush in case of gums bleeding, , sorted my wig referal, I was actually advised by a friend who worked in oncology to  get a thermometer, got the moisturisers and nail oil. Hopefully I am well armed for 16th march, 

  • Hi, once you've had your first one you will get to see a pattern. I think I got off quite lightly really with the side effects.