Chemo - my thoughts....

I'm now on day 11. Wow! What an absolute roller coaster of feelings this is.

I've described chemo as the worst hangover you've ever had that lasts 3- 4 days. Those days, so days 4 - 6 of the cycle for me, were the worst. Total and utter fatigue, not being able to concentrate, falling asleep all the time, changes to your appetite, constipation followed by diarrhoea, hot flushes, night sweats and feeling very teary and emotional is a taste of what those few days were like.

Then suddenly you wake up and feel better and the following day you feel better still until by day 11 (apart from some tiredness) you feel pretty much normal. 

So many people said going through chemo is hard, but doable. They're right. Cycle 2 is a while yet but I'm ready!