Back to work and Covid

So my sicknote ran out on the 3rd April. I could've extended it but felt I was delaying the inevitable so I decided to go back to work on the 4th April. It also meant that my pay would go back to full pay (it had been half since February). So my fabulous headteacher sorted me a really good phased return for the first week back (& beyond ) 

So up and out (wearing my wig) at 8am ready to spend a morning going over stuff with him and begin my planning and preparation ready for after the Easter holidays. My first week I was doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Unfortunately my head went home ill so I just got stuck into planning. Saw the tech guy who sorted my log on in (totally forgot password) plus rectifying my laptop so I could print direct to the photocopier. 

My partner had tested positive for Covid the day before so I was doing daily testing but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was still negative. Spoke to a few colleagues on Wednesday about what they wanted me to teach as I'll be covering 3-4 classes each week while their class teacher has their PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) all teachers have this and it should be 10% of the timetable. My head still wasn't back so didn't catch up with him.

By Wednesday afternoon I wasn't feeling great, headache, sore throat and just feeling meh. And yes on Thursday morning I tested positive. Pretty good going after 2 years avoiding it plus going through surgery, chemo and radiotherapy treatment not being stopped due to catching it. 

So Friday morning I worked from home and pretty much have everything sorted now ready for the 25th April when the new term starts and  I'll teach a class, which I haven't t done since July last year. 

Im pretty nervous about getting back up at the front of the class but I know once I start it will all come flooding back. The Y5 class I'm teaching I taught in Year1 so I know them. 

Cobid wise, I got off lightly and really didn't suffer much at all, thankfully.