Back on track - PICC & cycle #8

So after my truly awful allergic reaction, last weeks treatment was postponed as they wanted to review my case.Sadly because of Christmas & new year plus bank holidays they didn't meet in time  for my treatment to go ahead on the 5th January. When I found out it wasn't happening I cried, so upset. I'd also not had my second Herceptin and knew that they wanted me to have 3 of those so guessed they'd tag an extra treatment on at the end.

So I speak to a member of the oncologist team and she confirms I'll have the treatment I missed on the end which will make my last chemo on the 9th February, this will include my third Herceptin. She said I'd have extra pre-meds plus my treatment would be over a longer period. Other than that all was good and it was actually nice to have a bit of a break between treatments.

In the meantime I went for a second PICC line. This was with a different nurse and she knew she had to get one in. She was so lovely (most of the staff are) and so chatty and patient. She could see where the first PICC had been! She did say my veins do look very narrow and I have lots of nerves surrounding them, the best one is sat by a big artery so that's too risky. I have 2 injections of lidocaine to numb the skin, stings so much, and a small cut is made. I can feel the guide wire going in and make a lot of noises so she abandons that attempt. Third injection of lidocaine and the second attempt works. Bit sore but after a week, it's fine.

Treatment #8 (fifth paclitaxel) goes ok. I had hydrocortisone, piriton and steroids and the chemo is started via the pump. My appointment was at 2pm and now it's 3.35pm. The pre-meds, Herceptin injection, saline drip all take time. I look at the timer on the pump and it says 4 hours!!!
I speak to a nurse and question the time. I wouldn't be finished until 7.30 plus the 20 minute saline flush at the end would take me to 8pm.

The nurse questions it with the head nurse, by now I've gone past the time the allergic reaction happened so the pump is changed so I only have 1 hour 40 minutes left. Remainder of the treatment goes without a hitch and managed to watch an episode of Virgin River and one of Emily in Paris. Home at 6.45pm. 

Definitely need to push for an earlier appointment next week.