A well needed holiday

I checked with my oncologist that I'd be ok to go on holiday after my radiotherapy had finished and she actively encouraged a break.So we duly booked 10 days in Sharm el Sheikh. It was amazing booking a reasonably priced holiday after only being able to book expensive breaks for years due to being a teacher.

Before we went I was SO tired, I felt washed out and just not myself. We did very little during our 10 days in Egypt and were totally spoilt in the magnificent hotel we stayed in. I'd taken my turbans, a sun hat and my wig with me but ended up being brave and not wearing anything on my head for breakfast, lunch and just wore my sun hat in the sun and my wig at night. My hair seemed to grow so much on holiday.

As the holiday progressed I began to feel more and more myself. It was THE best thing we did going on holiday.

Tomorrow, I start back at work. I'm only going in for 3 mornings to plan my work for after the Easter holidays. I'm nervous, excited and eager to get back but I know it's going to be hard and I'll get tired easily but I need to get my brain working again and being at home is frankly quite boring. 

Plus I get to see my amazing colleagues and wonderful children.