8 days post operation

I'm now just over a week from my lumpectomy. Recovery is going ok, I just can't believe how tired I feel. 

On Friday I saw my consultant and had my dressings and drain removed; it was so good to get rid of the drain - carrying it around was just a hassle. My dr was pleased with how it looks, there is some bruising (which is now fading)  and all that remains are some steri-strip type things along the scar, which will fall off eventually on their own.

On Sunday however I woke up with a very swollen, uncomfortable breast. It felt engorged like when your milk comes in. I contacted my BCN and left a message with concern that it could be seroma. She rang me back on Monday and said it could be my body attempting to drain fluid and that it usually settles down on its own. She did say that my consultant was running an afternoon clinic on Tuesday so if I felt it hadn't improved to ring and they would see me.

So I went yesterday to see my dr. She examined me and said that it's just swollen breast tissue and not seroma - it could take up to 6 weeks to feel normal. That was relief.

I'm back on the 20th for results and then I expect to move onto stage 2 - chemo!

So...my tips for a lumpectomy:

  •  buy a couple of very soft, non-wired front fastening bras in a couple of sizes bigger than normal
  •  whoever picks you up from hospital, get them to bring a couple of pillows for the car
  • buy a small soft cushion to put under your arm and take it into hospital with you, it's such a nice relief and relieves the pressure slightly - you can buy them from Etsy or there is a lady called Jen's Friends (on Facebook and @rainbow67 on Twitter) who makes them for free and just asks for a donation for P & P
  • use an over the shoulder handbag for your drain
  • take an overnight bag into hospital just in case you have to stay in
  • at night, pillows are your friend, I slept with one under my arm which helped enormously