6 week induction course finished now the wait

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The six week induction course is now finished. Quite a few side effects: fatigue, irritated prostate, frequent urination day and night, slight pain in liver. Doses 1-5 went ok, but dose six hit me like a train. Nearly 3 weeks after last dose very frequent urination still with me, plus fatigue and irritated prostate. Given drugs to calm down bladder and prostate. Difficult to really go anywhere with frequent urination.

  • I'm not sure what an 'induction' course is? Is this a form of chemo or radiotherapy? I have found with both chemo and radio that side effects got worse as the courses progressed. The end of three months of chemo was truly horrible; The last cycle was much worse than the previous three. And I coped really well with five straight weeks of daily radiotherapy until around day 20 when the side effects arrived, as you say, like a train. And the fatigue, this can be immense; I have had to just stop what I was doing and have a nap, literally anytime, anyplace, any where. My cancer is now doing something that is making me want to pee quite urgently, I'm still getting out to do things but very conscious of being aware of where nearest WC (or dense vegetation!) is. It took me about three weeks to start feeling Ok after radiotherapy and a similar time after the end of chemo. Keep your nurses in the loop and I hope things improve soon.