Waking up

When i woke up from the anaesthetic, following my surgery, I noticed that one of my arms and part of my neck had turned bright pink.

How strange!

It looked like terrible sunburn - as if I had somehow had a long and foolish nap on a really hot beach.

In my confusion, I suddenly remembered one of the nurses had been asking me earlier where I was planning to go on holiday.

She had suggested Sardinia might be a nice choice, though I never even got to reply.

That had felt like minutes ago, but it was several hours.

What was going on?!


In reality, I had been wiped in chlorhexidine - a ‘surgical scrub solution’ used to disinfect skin before treatment.

Why did nobody forewarn me about this?

Why does it seem I am always only learning things retrospectively?

I was chlorohexidined!

Even the word sounds like a spell!


Then there was something else. A brand new shame to discover.

An object had been attached to me. Something plastic on a sort of strap.

My first thought was binoculars, my second a camera. Ooh.

Obviously, I had not let go of my hopes for a happy holiday.


But it was merely a bottle with a tube coming out of it (and out of me as well, from its other end).

And that bottle was steadily filling up with red liquid which I assumed was blood.

Actually, it was worse than that: it was literally a cocktail of saline solution and my blood.

It was one of the most disgusting ‘drinks’ I have ever (yet) seen.

A Vampire smoothie!


Apparently, this is really my so-called ‘drain’.

And it will be by my side for 5 days and 5 nights.

Like a persistent frenemy.

It will be interesting to see how we get on with each other.