Ooh, another saroma? Thank you so much, but ...

My saroma (in the place of my left breast) has now grown to the size of its real twin.

Yet I’ve said what I assumed was a final goodbye to my genuine left breast once before surgery, then to two imposters since!

Another farewell – the fourth – is now scheduled.


It seems as though my body is grieving for what it has lost and is busily recreating a full replacement for me.

Every few days this awful but well-intentioned ‘gift’ is offered to me.

Afterwards I have to discreetly dispose of it and hope I don’t get any more.


Due to the build-up of pressure, I am afraid that the stitches from my recent surgery might burst.

An explosion would be almost unimaginably awful – and from lots of people’s perspective, not just mine.

As before, there will surely be around half a litre of liquid inside.


Apparently, a saroma is something similar to the blister you get on your heel when you have bought a new pair of shoes.

Only the one I have is obviously in a completely different place and rather more spectacular.

This is the wrong sort of spectacular-ness to have in my life though.

My body definitely disagrees, for now.

Maybe, as with a cat, I am going to have to humour this odd behaviour and patiently wait for it to stop. 

I guess it’s the good intention behind it that counts.

In the meantime, I may have to look forward to a series of alarming gifts and focus on any positives.

Okay. I will try.

  • Hi . I have just  come across your post . I have developed a saroma at the top of my thigh two weeks after surgery. Can you give any advice . Do they mostly just go down without any intervention  

  • Hi. Yes, I think that they do generally go down by themselves. Doctors prefer to leave them alone, as using a syringe to drain them can introduce a higher risk of infection. in my case, my saromas have all been huge and very painful, so it was worth draining them. If you are worried or in pain too, then you should try to see if it is a good idea to have an intervention or not. (Remember that Friday and Monday are Bank Holidays, so if you need an appointment, ask for one soon!)

  • Thank you for your reply. I am going to see what happens for now and hopefully it will start to go down soon. I have been reading your blog.I admire your sense of humour. Best wishes.